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Bassford Remele is a full-service litigation firm that devotes its practice exclusively to providing trial and appellate repreesntation for local, national, and international clients in a wide array of business litigation.

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Bassford Remele Officially Recovers More Than $806 Million For Client

Date: March 28, 2016 — Minneapolis, MN  

A team of Bassford Remele lawyers led by Lewis A. Remele, Jr. represented a large computer component company, Seagate Technologies, LLC, in an arbitration proceeding against Western Digital Corporation and its employee, Sining Mao. Sining Mao had been a senior scientist for Seagate when he left for Western Digital, taking with him thousands of Seagate documents. In December 2011, the arbitrator found that Western Digital had misappropriated Seagate’s trade secrets and awarded damages of $525 million. In January 2012, the arbitrator awarded interest resulting in a total award of $630 million.

A Hennepin County judge vacated the award. Bassford Remele appealed on behalf of Seagate. In October 2014, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that the arbitration award was valid and ordered entry of a final judgment for Seagate. On October 14, 2014, Western Digital paid Bassford Remele's client, Seagate, $773,404,103.74, representing the award plus some of the post-award interest.

Bassford Remele wasn't done. The team went back to the district court asking for an additional $27,000,000 because Western Digital disputed the amount of post-award interest that was due. Again the district court ruled in favor of Western Digital and again, Bassford Remele appealed. On January 25, 2016, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Seagate. Two days later, Western Digital paid Seagate $32,604,158.02 to satisfy the judgment. In all, Bassford Remele lawyers recovered $806,008,261.76 for Seagate.

The Bassford Remele lawyers on the Seagate team were Lewis A. Remele, Jr., Frederick E. Finch, Mark R. Bradford, and Jeffrey R. Mulder. Former Bassford Remele lawyer Jan M. Gunderson also assisted on this matter.

Hard Drives Make Hard Cases, Minnesota Lawyer article

Founded in 1882, Bassford Remele, P.A., is a full-service litigation firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With unparalleled courtroom and trial experience, Bassford Remele attorneys represent local, national and international clients in all areas of business litigation and dispute resolution. Bassford Remele is recognized as the Top Large-Sized Minnesota Business and Litigation Law Firm in the 2015 Super Lawyers Business Edition and a 2015 Go-To Law Firm in ALM Media Properties' listing of the Top 500 Companies.

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