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Bassford Remele is a full-service litigation firm that devotes its practice exclusively to providing trial and appellate repreesntation for local, national, and international clients in a wide array of business litigation.

Commercial Litigation

Unfair Competition

Litigation is sometimes necessary in order for businesses to prevent unfair misappropriation by competitors and to enforce non-compete agreements or other restrictive covenants.  Alternatively, litigation can be commenced by others claiming that you are improperly or unfairly competing with them, or that you have unfairly terminated a franchise or sales representative.  Bassford Remele attorneys have a breadth of experience in unfair competition litigation in both the state and federal courts, which frequently involves requests for emergency injunctive relief.

Our Firm’s deep litigation experience includes matters involving:

Bassford Remele’s significant courtroom experience in both state and federal courts provides an important benefit.  Our trial experience helps our clients confidently pursue or defend litigation seeking either injunctive relief or damage.  We are committed to vigorously advocating for our clients to help them protect their employees or other assets.

Bassford Remele Lawyers:  Lewis A. Remele, Jr., Alan I. Silver, Edward F. Fox, Kevin P. Hickey, Christopher R. Morris, David E. Camarotto, Mark R. Bradford, Laurel J. Pugh, Jonathan C. Marquet, Jonathan P. Norrie, Peter L. Gregory, and Jeffrey R. Mulder.

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