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Bassford Remele is a full-service litigation firm that devotes its practice exclusively to providing trial and appellate repreesntation for local, national, and international clients in a wide array of business litigation.

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Insurance Subrogation

The causes of subrogation claims run the gamut from fires, to explosions, to product failures.  Similarly, the failures leading to a loss are diverse, and require the simultaneous understanding of fact development, relevant scientific principles, and the crafting of legal strategy with the coordinated goal to maximize recovery potential.  Directly related to maximizing recovery potential is the forensic investigation that sets the stage for any successful action.  Failure to properly understand the wide number of variables – including the type of loss, potential failure modes, qualified expert selection, responsible party identification and notification, evidence collection, spoliation concerns, and development of a cohesive legal strategy – can result in the failure of an otherwise promising subrogation claim.

Attorneys at Bassford Remele are well-versed in forensic investigation and subrogation principles, and have handled such claims throughout the country.  Bassford Remele lawyers have taken claims from initial investigation, through final trial, and have procured favorable results in a wide number of subrogation claims including fire, explosion, structural damage, collapse, and water damage.  Bassford Remele’s innovative subrogation and defense services allow its attorneys to fully understand the merits, and weaknesses, of its clients’ claims.  That strength is unique and distinguishes Bassford Remele’s professionals from those of other firms offering subrogation services.

Whatever your needs, our attorneys can assist in maximizing recovery potential.  Whether our client’s seek help organizing a forensic investigation, identifying potential failure modes, conducting all-party inspections, evaluating claim feasibility, or handling trials and appeals – Bassford’s experienced team of subrogation attorneys can ensure every client need is met with a prompt and substantive response.



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